Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008

Kakushow, Anesamaking (Ayame & Somejaku), Showko, Nagomi

Showko: Rakugo "Zoo"

Anesamaking (Ayame & Somejaku):
Japanese Comedy, Sing and Dance

Puppet Rakugo & Paper Cutting Art

(Nagomi: assistant)

***** Ninja! Red Monster! Blue Monster!16 Aug 2008
reviewer: elvis1969, UK
This was the last show I saw at the fringe, and was a high note to finish on. Absolutely delighful. Funny, physical and hysterical. I laughed and laughed and ducked and then laughed again. Silly and very engaging, as well as being unlike anything else on the fringe...

***** Madness14 Aug 2008
reviewer: Baxter Tocher, Scotland
This is without doubt the funniest thing I've ever seen. I was sore laughing at the antics of this very funny crew. Each one of the four segments of the show was utterly brilliant in terms of comedic timing, and characterization, and the ninja fight was wonderful! Very highly recommended.

**** Silliness!12 Aug 2008
reviewer: Claire, Scotland
I thoroughly enjoyed this show. It's perfect for those with a bit of imagination and like to see ninjas beating up monsters. Great fun!





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